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Rudy Blanco


Rudy Blanco is the founder of The Bronx Gaming Network, and the Director of Entrepreneurship and Gaming for The DreamYard Project in The Bronx, NY. With over 15 years of experience and teaching in The Bronx. Blanco has managed and overseen several initiatives related to the exposure and use of technology for learning, career pathways exploration and development. He has managed multiple partnerships engaging young people and schools with organizations and companies like Little Bits, Google, The New York Videogame Critics Circle, Thrively, Here to Here, Hats and Ladders, and Games for Change.

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Rosa Vasquez

Project + Event Manager

Rosa Vasquez is a creative and consultant, living and working with the people of NYC to make it a collaborative community that brings together creatives and fans to share there passion for gaming through BGN. She is a co-founder of Tokyo Bronx ACG and collaborates with BGN to develop programs and experiences related to the Anime, Comics and Gaming community. Currently playing anything with JRPG waifus & husbandos.

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Sergio Jimenez

Program Manager

Sergio Jimenez is a poet, performer, father and gamer. He has performed his poetry for Paypal, Etsy and Lacoste, and he's been featured as a teaching artist on New York 1 News and Telemundo. Sergio continues to travel the country performing in various venues and universities, while also leading professional developments for aspiring poets. Sergio believes in the limitless capabilities young people have once you allow them to explore and exercise their imagination.

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Ana Carmona Headshot - Ana Carmona-Pereda_edited.jpg

Ana Carmona-Pereda

Social Media Manager

Ana Carmona-Pereda is a Bronx Native who is currently a student at Cornell University majoring in Performing and Media Arts with minors in Latino and American Studies. At Cornell, Ana is the Social Media Coordinator for the Latino Living Center, VP of Marketing for the First-Generation Student Union, and an Ambassador for the Arthur O. Eve Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) and Higher Education Opportunity Programs (HEOP). Ana is deeply passionate about storytelling through the arts; she enjoys the process of doing so with photography, the craft of theater, and writing. Her work has been featured in BBC News, The Washington Post, and Complex.

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Carlos Moreaux

Tech Manager + Events Coordinator

Carlos Moreaux immigrated from the Dominican Republic in 1991, and has stayed in New York City since. Graduating from the City College of New York, he currently works at the DreamYard Project as a Database Coordinator. Outside of work he dives into all things tech, providing technology solutions for BGN, as well as building his online presence as Mr Moro, a retro gaming enthusiast bringing your favorite retro gaming hardware and software to the present. Find him at BGN events and wherever BGN shows up with a gaming installation.

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me - Rey Diaz_edited.jpg

Rey Diaz

Events Coordinator

Rey Diaz was once the Social Media Coordinator for BGN until he found a love for making events and bringing people together. Diaz is now the Event Coordinator for BGN. He holds monthly Bronx Game Nights at local lounges and bars. It's a great place for streamers, entrepreneurs, and local residents to meet, network and have a great time. Outside BGN, Diaz is a streamer on Twitch (THe_ReYZR & on IG/Twitter) where he plays a variety of games!

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